How trainees become ACCA members

Reaching membership is the goal of all ACCA trainees - and also benefits their employers. You have invested a lot in the future of your trainees. Help them take the next step to ACCA membership and you will both reap the benefits.

ACCA automatically emails an invitation to membership to all trainees whose records show that they have:

  • achieved 36 months in a relevant accountancy or finance role
  • completed the required nine performance objectives or claimed the Approved Employer performance objective exemption
  • got all of their experience signed off by their practical experience supervisor.

Hard work and sacrifice deserve to be recognised. Encourage your trainees to take a minute and watch this video to remind them why they’ll have earned ACCA membership when they are ready.

Tips to help your trainees have a smooth and speedy transition to membership

If you are an approved employer - and you are allowing your trainees to claim the performance objective exemption - please remind your trainees that they still need to update their employment details, and time in a relevant role, in their My Experience record in order to be eligible for ACCA membership.


Five reasons to support your trainees through to ACCA membership

  • Supporting your trainees through to ACCA membership means you will have created qualified finance professionals – ready-made to fit your needs, ‘hit the ground running’ and make a difference to your business.
  • Having qualified finance staff is a benefit to your business: it reduces your risk of exposure to possible compliance failures.
  • Becoming an ACCA member not only increases your trainee’s professionalism: it could increase your capacity to boost your earning potential.
  • Current and prospective clients benefit from the security of having qualified people working on their business.
  • ACCA members are not just good accountants - they are accountants who are good. ACCA’s CPD requirement has an in-built undertaking which ensures ACCA members agree to work and act professionally and ethically in the workplace.