The Ignite series - join the discussion

Over two weeks ACCA will be bringing together our communities within their sectors to spark debate and discussion around the topics that matter most to business. Introducing...

'The ignite series'

The most urgent challenges highlighted by finance professionals who attended the recent ACCA talking series included: Risk, sustainability, talent/skills, and digital transformation.  The Ignite Series will dive deeper into these priority topics.  

At each dedicated session you will have the opportunity to: 

  • hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the business impact of these challenges and what role finance professionals can play  

  • ask your questions to those with experience and knowledge on the topic during the Q&A 

  • participate in interactive polling to have your voice heard 

  • join breakout rooms, hosted by industry partners, to discuss the changes in your specific sector, hear how others are embracing them and share your own experiences. 

  • gain insight from other sectors through shared feedback, to understand commonalities, identify opportunities for collaboration and prepare for the future. 

Joining a breakout room is entirely optional however, spaces are limited, and we actively encourage discussion and participation from everyone who joins!

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  • Risk | 12 October 2021 (08:30 - 10:00 BST)

    Risk management as we knew it has been transformed by the ongoing pandemic, and accountants have been presented with an unmissable opportunity to reassess how they can add more value in this transformation.

    Following on from the recent ACCA professional Insights report Rethinking Risk join the experts to explore the key themes and examine risk management strategies. 

    Find out more about the risk chair and session speakers


  • Sustainability | 14 October 2021 (08:30 - 10:00 BST)

    As our world strives to recover from the impact of Covid-19, we’re seeing society’s values shift faster than ever as citizens across the globe seek a fairer, greener and more ethical world. There is growing demand for organisations and nations to become more sustainable, and more resilient, by committing to minimising their environmental impact whilst putting social responsibility at the heart of strategy.

    Recognising professional accountants’ role, we’re inviting the global ACCA community to take part in our Big Conversation on the role of the accountancy profession in driving forward climate action. Through our Big Conversation, we hope to inspire individual action by openly and constructively discussing the pressing climate and sustainability challenges of today, and exchanging views and solutions on what we, as professional accountants, can do to help organisations around the world.

    Find out more about the sustainability chair and session speakers

  • Talent Trends | 20 October 2021 (08:30 - 10:00 BST)

    Businesses are reporting a lack of candidates for advertised vacancies. The world of work is changing and both employers and talent are looking to see how the new landscape will evolve. Flexible working, wellbeing opportunities and pay rises are all being increasingly demanded but can businesses adapt to secure their best talent and attract new talent?

    Join our panel of business leaders to hear their thoughts before joining a breakout to share your thoughts with others.

    Find out more about the talent trends chair and session speakers

  • Digital Transformation | 22 October 2021 (08:30 - 10:00 BST)

    The business model of today is likely to be far from the business models that will exist five to ten years from now. Taking time to invest in and monitor relevant technological and practical advancements is necessary in the journey of the digital accountant.

    Join finance professionals at different stages of their digital transformation journey to define the role of the accountancy profession, examine what skills are required and explore how to influence decision makers.

    Find out more about the digital transformation chair and session speakers

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