ACCA statement about Ukraine

2 March 2022 - Read our full statement here.

Our thoughts are with our members, students and community in Ukraine as they face these shocking and tragic events. We oppose this invasion, and believe in freedom of choice and the right to self-determination. We wish to see a just and peaceful end to this military conflict.

We have members and students in Ukraine, and Russia, and across surrounding countries. We are committed to supporting them wherever they are, and in whatever circumstances.

We stand side by side with them in difficult times, enabling them to make a positive contribution to the profession, the global economy and, above all, society.

As a global professional body for accountants, over our 117-year history we have operated in many difficult and uncertain circumstances, and we continue to do so.

Our aim is to provide opportunity to people of ability and to develop the world’s accountancy profession, irrespective of location, and to work for the public good.

We are working to continue our support through this conflict, including where possible holding exams – which can be taken online - for the next generation of accountants who have studied hard to take them.

We are prioritising support of our teams caught up in this conflict, and adhering to government sanctions aimed at bringing an end to it.

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