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  • Who wins talent will reign - Talent acquisition and mobility vital to Greater Bay Area success

    Supported by the Central Government’s policies and infrastructure developments, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is well-positioned to become the world’s largest bay area economy.

    To achieve global competitiveness, the GBA needs to attract and retain the top talent from around the world to contribute to its transformation. This research report has examined the current situation in regards to the mobility of talents within the region, with recommendations for enhancing talent acquisition and mobility in order to drive the coordinated growth of the entire bay area.

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  • Digital connectivity in accounting: A boost to the Belt and Road Initiative
    Digital connectivity in accounting: A boost to the Belt and Road Initiative

    More and more countries along the Belt and Road (B&R) routes have committed to enhancing their overall IT infrastructure in recognition of the digital economy as the new economic growth engine.

    This research was sponsored and completed by the Belt and Road Accounting Research Center with the joint efforts of SNAI, ACCA and Yonyou. The purpose of this research is to improve the breadth, depth and quality of digital interconnection along the B&R routes by exploring ways of achieving accounting informatisation and responding to the digital competencies of accounting personnel and international moves towards tax reform.

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  • The Belt and Road Initiative: Reshaping the global value chain
    The Belt and Road Initiative

    The Belt and Road research project explores the opportunities and challenges for B&R countries, including China. It explores the politics, economics, societal and cultural aspect of the B&R through desk research, roundtable conferences and workshops. The approach considered local experiences, international vision, history and potential future developments.

    Published in association with the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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  • Accounting Infrastructure: A Booster to the Belt and Road Initiative
    Accounting Infrastructure: A Booster to the Belt and Road Initiative

    Given that the Belt and Road countries vary in accounting development, the notion and scope of accounting infrastructure from county to country need to be studied. The research studied the disparities between accounting standards, tax risk and accounting personnel training across representative Belt and Road countries.

    Published in association with the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI) and Deloitte.

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  • The economic benefits of the modern silk road: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
    The economic benefits of the modern silk road

    The report examines the potential benefits of The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) examining the economic cooperation on Gwadar port, energy, transportation infrastructure and industrial cooperation; how CPEC is viewed by financial professionals; and an assessment of the skills needed by finance professionals to benefit from CPEC.

    Published in association with the Pakistan-China Institute.

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  • Greater Bay Area Opportunities – Capitalising Hong Kong’s Unique Edge
    Greater Bay Area Opportunities

    ACCA Hong Kong's recommendations for the HKSAR Government.

    ACCA Hong Kong conducted a member survey in January 2018 to seek the views of professional accountants in Hong Kong on the GBA initiative. Through this careful study and consultation, ACCA Hong Kong lays out a series of recommendations in the report for consideration.

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  • Market demand for professional business and advisory services - Singapore, ASEAN region and China
    Market demand for professional businesses and advisory services - Singapore, ASEAN region and China

    A key driver of regional growth will come from the rise of e-commerce and the digital economy. Businesses that want to seize the opportunities can move faster and more securely by using not only internal know-how, but independent specialist business and advisory services from consultants and experts outside their organisations.

    This report and research is supported by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC).

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