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Profile: Nick Palamaras

For Nick Palamaras, ACCA membership has played a 'massive' contribution to his professional development and the skills required in his role as a ...

Targeting ACCA membership

Achieving ACCA membership will be a mere formality for affiliate Nourihan Abdul Barry from Oman if the motivation she has displayed so far in her ...

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Read about the ACCA Qualification including Fundamentals and Professional exams, the Professional ethics module and practical experience requirements.

How can I study ACCA?

ACCA offers flexible study. Choose how to approach your accountancy studies and find the right study material.

Why job hopping can be good

We take a look at why it can be beneficial to keep moving jobs on a regular basis

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International Covid-19 tax update

International Covid-19 tax update

Approved Employer target guidance for the Trainee Development (Gold) stream

Guidance on the targets and required evidence for Trainee Development (Gold).

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Off their trolley?

In the fourth article in his economic value added series, Dr Tony Grundy uses value and cost driver analysis to show why supermarket trolleys ...

Marginal tax rates 2014-15: the winners and losers

For 2014-15 a person with income of £120,000 or more is not entitled to any personal allowance. David Harrowven explains the impact this will have ...

Change for the better in Ireland's dairy industry?

One of the most important reforms to the Irish agricultural sector in modern times takes place this April when the EU brings the milk quota system ...

Turning the tide: women in business

Women in Ireland today are more ambitious than ever, but they still face many hurdles before they can catch up with their counterparts in other ...

Accountancy and finance profession viewed as being ‘broadly inclusive’, but more needs to be done, finds global research

Sixty-one per cent of respondents to a global survey amongst accountancy and finance professionals say that they work in an environment free from ...

Relevant cash flows

Paper FFM candidates need to understand and explain the principles behind relevant cash flows, as well as be able to identify/calculate such cash ...

Throughput accounting and the theory of constraints, part 2

This article sets out the five focusing steps of the theory of constraints, briefly explaining each one