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36 months' practical experience

The Practical Experience Requirement (PER) requires trainees to obtain a total of three years' experience in a finance or accounting related role, ...

Practical experience for Foundation Level

Read about what you need to do complete the FPER (Foundations Practical Experience Requirement).

Practical experience supervisor support

ACCA has developed a number of resources to help employers understand and fulfil the role of a Practical experience supervisor.

PER: beware of the myths

We’ve put together responses to some of the most common misconceptions held by affiliates who contact ACCA Connect about the practical experience ...

Practical experience supervisors

Practical experience supervisors review your work and sign-off your performance objectives. They perform an essential role in helping you meet the ...

PER: finding a practical experience supervisor

How to find a practical experience supervisor

PER: ways to get practical experience

Guidance on how to increase your practical experience opportunities

Students' FAQs on the PER (Practical Experience Requirement)

Questions about the PER (Practical Experience Requirement)? Read our PER FAQs to learn more about what you need to do.

Choosing your practical experience supervisor

Your practical experience supervisor will play an important role in helping you to achieve ACCA membership. Therefore, selecting the right person ...

ACCA practical experience supervisor guidance

See how a mentor can help an ACCA accountancy trainee - help them reach their potential in your organisation during their ACCA work experience.

PER guidance and resources

This section contains links to information on the Practical Experience Requirement.

Five ways to top up your PER

Need a little bit of inspiration on gaining extra work-based experience to boost your career prospects? Our tips could help you make real progress ...

PER: ensuring personal effectiveness

An article to help you to identify opportunities to develop your self-management and communication skills

PER: beware the myths

While you await your exam results, why not take time to reflect on your practical experience requirement (PER) achievements so far? Before you do, ...

PER: setting and meeting performance objectives

This article will help you plan how to gain the workplace experience necessary to achieve your performance objectives

Approved Employer application guidance on Practical Experience Supervisors

A Practical Experience Supervisor is required if you are applying for the Trainee Development stream of approval.

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