Question practice (Variants)

After you have studied the full syllabus, view recent exams to practise question types that you may face.


The best way to prepare for exams is by completing your question practice in the CBE environment. The ACCA Practice Platform contains a range of content that allows you to attempt questions to time and then mark and debrief your answers. It also contains a blank workspace that allows you to answer constructed response questions from other sources in the CBE environment.


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Important note:  The materials on this page have not have been updated to reflect changes in legislation such as updates to the relevant Finance Act. They have also not been updated to reflect changes to the syllabus or to the exam structure and question types.


For this reason, past exams should be used in combination with mock exams from our approved content providers that align with the legislation appearing in your upcoming exam and with our Specimen exams which will always illustrate the most up to date format of the exams.


Before you begin
Before you begin

Please note only some TX exams are currently available by CBE.


When working through the CBE past exam content you should refer to the answer document to assess your performance. For each exam, the answers in the relevant document have been produced to reflect the order of the exam questions. Where relevant, the answers for the OT questions are presented using A, B, C and D labels. While the options are not labelled as such in the CBE past exam content they are presented in A, B, C and D order.