Professional Skills modules

The complete finance professional knows how important it is to have the technical skills but also the softer skills to deliver effectively in the workplace. That’s why we’ve created a range of Professional Skills modules, designed to help you develop skills in communications, team working and relationship building.

Watch ACCA’s Alan Hatfield, director of learning explain the importance of developing these skills for the workplace.

The modules are optional but will support the achievement of performance objectives for the practical experience requirement (PER). They also link to the competency framework and support your development as a finance professional.

The Professional Skills modules currently available are Communicating Effectively, the BPP University English Language Support for ACCA and Working Relationships, all of which are free of charge.

Communicating Effectively

This module will cover different communication styles, barriers to effective communication and how impressions and judgements are formed. The modules will also help you to develop questioning and listening techniques as well as improving your written, verbal and virtual communication skills.

BPP University English Language Support for ACCA

This new free course will offer you English language study support across the 70 ACCA Qualification modules. It is written and delivered by BPP University School of Foundation and English Language Studies. Content is tailored to support ACCA students at each stage of the ACCA Qualification, from Applied Knowledge to Strategic Professional.

Find out more about the BPP English Language course.

Working Relationships
This module will cover your interactions with others including how you prefer to interact with people and the implications of this. It will allow you to understand the impact you have on those around you, as well as allowing you to recognise the differences in other people and use this to build rapport. The module will also help you to develop skills in giving and receiving feedback and increase your ability to get your point across.

These modules have been designed for students but will also be of interest to affiliates, as well as employers and tuition providers who may want to promote the modules to their employees and students.

Start using the Professional Skills modules

You can access the modules – Communicating Effectively and Working Relationships through the student virtual learning centre. If you are using this virtual learning centre for the first time you will need to create login accounts. You will find instructions on the site.