We understand that not all ACCA students can access the support and services available through our Approved Learning Partners. But studying on your own doesn't mean you are studying without support.

We have created a wide range of resources to help you prepare for and succeed in your exams:

Exam support resources

We have some great exam-specific resources (for example examiner’s reports and syllabus and study guides) to help you prepare for your exams.

A selection of some of our newer resources are explained below, and you'll find the full range of exam support resources in the exam resource finder.

Self study guides

We have produced interactive study support guides for FAB, FMA, FFA and all the ACCA Qualification exams which provide you with a structured, phased approach to your studies.

The guides also ensure you know which resources (from both ACCA and our Approved Content Providers) are available, as well as how and when you should use them.

Throughout the guides there are tips for success, extracts from some of the resources available and interactive, clickable checklists to help keep you on track.

The guides can be used online or printed.

Access study support guides via the exam resource finder

Practice tests

To support you practising questions for your exams, ACCA has created practice tests, available for all computer-based exams. Practice tests replicate the live exam, providing you with a great exam experience. They also provide you with personalised feedback on your performance, enabling you to identify your strengths and weaknesses across syllabus areas before you take your actual exam.

Practice tests can be purchased and accessed via myACCA. You can buy individual tests or a set of three.

Find out more about practice tests

Retake guides

The retake guides have been designed to help you understand where you went wrong in your previous exam attempt(s) and to provide you with guidance in the way you approach your retake.

They provide tips for success, signpost ACCA resources and can be used either online or printed in PDF format.

Access retake guides via the exam resource finder

Other resources and support

Student Accountant

Student Accountant is ACCA’s very own magazine for students. Access articles giving you advice on exam technique, learning tips, professional skills, career advice and lots more. You can personalise your own version of Student Accountant Direct emagazine, and have it emailed straight to your inbox.

Read Student Accountant

ACCA Learning Community

As well as exam-specific resources, we have an online community allowing you to network with other ACCA students. The ACCA Learning Community also provides you with an opportunity to discover, connect and learn with fellow students in a social and professional environment.

Visit the ACCA Learning Community

ACCA Facebook

Our Facebook page keeps you informed about exciting ACCA events, Q&A sessions and news that is important to you.

Visit the ACCA Facebook page 

Approved Content Providers

It's really important that you use study materials from an Approved Content Provider. These materials are reviewed by ACCA’s examining team and are updated to reflect the latest syllabus content, examinable documents and exam structure.

The question and answer banks they provide are a great source of exam-style questions, and should be used as a primary resource for question practice, which is vital for exam success. We strongly recommend that you use these to support your studies.

Find out more about ACCA's Content Providers