ACCA Hong Kong 70th Anniversary Virtual Conference

Theme: Power ahead the next decade

Date: Friday, 18 September 2020

Time: 09.00 - 13.00

Webcast platform: ON24

Language: Cantonese

CPD: 4 units

Programme rundown


09.00 - 09.20

Welcome address

Kenneth Wong, FCCA, Chairman, ACCA Hong Kong

Opening address

Guest of Honour
The Hon Paul Chan Mo-po, FCCA, GBM, GBS, MH, JP, Financial Secretary, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

09.20 - 09.30


09.30 - 10.30

Session 1

Discussion forum: Purpose of the profession

For many people over the last generation, the world has become a more prosperous place. But with inequality rising, our economies are not focused enough on striving to deliver for everyone.

Professional accountancy has a key role to play in opening up access to opportunities and in so doing play its part in building healthy and prosperous economies where people of all backgrounds are able to flourish. Looking ahead, how could we contribute meaningfully to the business world and to drive public value through our financial acuity?

Panel speakers:

Agnes Chan, Hong Kong and Macau Managing Partner, EY

Margaret Chan, Chief Executive & Registrar, The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

George Hongchoy, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Link Asset Management Limited

Kim-man Wong, Chief Financial Officer, HK Electric Investments


Jane Cheng, Head of ACCA Hong Kong

10.30 - 10.45


10.45 - 12.05

Session 2

Discussion forum: Power of digital and sustainable businesses

The world has been changed dramatically by Covid-19. Business transformations that would previously have taken years, might need to be delivered much sooner – from setting up virtual offices and socially-distanced service delivery to rethinking global connectivity and supply chains. These transformations, which are being underpinned by digital technologies, are essential for organisations to recover from the crisis and rebuild a more sustainable future. Combining digital expertise and sustainable practices should be at the forefront of strategic thinking for any modern business. How can businesses stay ahead in championing both digital transformation and sustainability to achieve a resilient post-crisis recovery?

Panel speakers:

Keith Chan, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, McDonald’s Hong Kong 

Vanessa Cheung, Group Managing Director, Nan Fung Development Ltd and Founder, The Mills

Jessica Lam, Group Head of Strategy, WeLab 

Fiona Lau, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SHOPLINE

Alice Wong, FCCA, Chief Financial Officer, Hong Kong Television Network Limited 


Jennifer Tan, FCCA, Chief Executive Officer, Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited and Committee Member and Co-chairman of Professional Development Sub-committee, ACCA Hong Kong

12.05 - 12.20


12.20 - 13.00

Session 3

Discussion forum: Power of inclusion

Spurred by a growing social consciousness, businesses are making a more concerted effort to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Many are recognising that there are not only tangible business benefits, but that an increasing number of employees, particularly the younger generations, seek out employers with inclusive workforces before finalising job decisions.

To succeed in today’s modern business world, companies will increasingly require an ever more diverse pool of talent – diverse in terms of thought and skillset, on top of race, gender and age. How can a company maximise the value of a diverse workforce, and foster an inclusive workplace culture?

Panel speakers:

Eugene Chan, Head of Talent Management, Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited 

Michael Wong, Director, Banking, Barclays Capital Asia Limited


Teddy Liu, FCCA, People Development Management Committee Member, The Hong Kong Management Association


Conference ends