Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the 2020 ACCA Community Day will go online – as Hong Kong's first-ever virtual rickshaw race!

With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) camera, the virtual rickshaw races will allow users to experience the excitement and fun amid this difficult time, and with a charitable cause to help the needy in the local community.

The AR Game will resemble the physical activity that we have been hosting over the past 22 years on Chater Road in Central, and with the flexibility to extend the duration of the event – from a one-day physical event to a month-long online campaign. Join the challenge which is available on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. Please access the game using your mobile phone! 

Virtual Corporate Challenge

  • About the Corporate Challenge & Awards Criteria

    We strongly encourage companies and institutions to take part in our Virtual Corporate Challenge – a chance for your organisation to connect with your employees / students for team-building and fun, and at the same time, to achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. There’re two awards up for grabs:


    1. Top Participating Company/Institute Award

    For a period of two weeks between 21 December 2020 (00.00) and 1 January 2021 (23.59), simply get your team members to play the game and share their game score on Facebook / Instagram. There’s no limit on the number of attempts for each participating company, so get as many people to participate as you can! The company/institute with the highest accumulated score will be awarded the ‘Top Participating Company/Institute Award’!

    To ensure your score is valid, please adhere to the following instructions:

    For Facebook users:  You must tag #ACCACommunityDay2020 AND @ACCA (HK) PLUS your team hashtag (please check with your employer or scroll down for teams details) while sharing your game score. Your Facebook post must be set as public.

    For Instagram users:  You must tag #ACCACommunityDay2020 AND @ACCA_HK PLUS your team hashtag (please check with your employer or scroll down for teams details) while sharing your game score. Your Instagram account must be set as public.

    2. Top Donation Award

    Your company / institute is encouraged to make additional donation on top of the entry fee for entering the Corporate Challenge. The company / institute with the most donation will be awarded the ‘Top Donation Award’.


    Please contact Jasmine Choi at jasmine.choi@accaglobal.com about participating in our Corporate Challenge.  

    Click here for the Community Day 2020 donation / entry form.

  • Corporate Challenge Teams

    Swipe to view table

    Company/ Institute Name Team Name Team Hashtag
    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (Hong Kong) Ltd. CA Difference Makers #CA_Difference_Makers
    Deloitte China Deloitte A&A #Deloitte_AA
    Deloitte China Deloitte T&L #Deloitte_TL
    Deloitte China Deloitte RA #Deloitte_RA
    Deloitte China Deloitte FA #Deloitte_FA
    Deloitte China Deloitte CON  #Deloitte_CON
    EY TaxRunner #TaxRunner
    Medialink Entertainment Limited Medialink Group #Medialink_Group
    Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited Nine Dragons #Nine_Dragons
    PolyU Hong Kong Community College PolyU CPCE (SPEED + HKCC) #PolyU_CPCE_SPEED_HKCC
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Centaur #PwC_IG_Cluster_Centaur
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Phoenix #PwC_IG_Cluster_Phoenix
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Sphinx #PwC_IG_Cluster_Sphinx
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Unicorn  #PwC_IG_Cluster_Unicorn 
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Chimera #PwC_IG_Cluster_Chimera
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Griffin #PwC_IG_Cluster_Griffin
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Kirin #PwC_IG_Cluster_Kirin
    PwC PwC_IG_Cluster_Pegasus #PwC_IG_Cluster_Pegasus
    The Open University of Hong Kong OUHK #OUHK
    The Society of Chinese Accountants & Auditors SCAA #SCAA
    Ultra Active Technology Limited UAT #UAT
    Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK CUSA #CUHK_CUSA

    Check out the ACCA Hong Kong official Facebook and Instagram pages for the accumulated score update, so that your team will know where you are during the course of the challenge, and catch up on your progress!

  • Congratulations to our Award Winners

    Top Participating Team Award: EY RICH Team 🎉

    Top Donation Award: PwC ✨


    Here are the results of our Top 5 Teams:

    Swipe to view table

    Company / Institute Name Team Name / Hashtag Accumulated Score
    EY EY RICH / #EY_RICH 28,010
    EY EY FSO / #EY_FSO 11,640
    The Open University of Hong Kong OUHK / #OUHK 7,640
    PolyU Hong Kong Community College PolyU CPCE (SPEED + HKCC) / #PolyU_CPCE_SPEED_HKCC 6,120
    KPMG KPMG / #KPMG 2,220

    Check out their gameplay photos / vidoes using the above hashtags via Facebook and Instagram now!