Past community sessions

Welcome to a new series of virtual sessions


Led by our community hosts, SMPs can come together to participate, talk, share, be heard, exchange ideas and learn from other like-minded practitioners.

The community sessions are designed for you to connect and collaborate with other members and small practice owners from around the world. Feel free to look through past sessions below and the key takeaways from each session.

November 2021

  • Financial reporting for not-for-profit SMEs

    Discuss the ins and outs of how not-for-profit SMEs should go about financial reporting.
    Key takeaways coming soon.


  • How do you determine your pricing?

    Join the conversation on effective ways to value your accountancy services.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • The importance of collaboration

    A community discussion on the importance of coming together and working towards a common goal.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • Strategies for enhancing your ability to trade internationally

    A conversation around what you need to know to trade internationally.
    Key takeaways coming soon

  • What business technology do you recommend clients use and why?

    Join the discussion on how sustainability can boost the bottom line of your SMP.
    Key takeaways coming soon.




  • What sort of clients do you want?

    Join the discussion on getting the clients you really want.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • SMP Foundational Series Part 1 - Joint session by Robert Belle and Bright Amisi

    Have your say on the ins and outs of starting out with participation encouraged.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • The Digital Accountant: From Traditional to Digital

    A collaborative session exploring how digital solutions can simplify work procedures and improve efficiency and security.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • The Digital Accountant Part 1: From Traditional to Digital

    Discuss how to update your SMP and prepare it for the future.
    Key takeaways coming soon.

  • The role of E-commerce in professional services

    Join the discussion on the vital role that E-commerce plays in today's world.
    Click to see a summary of the key takeaways.

  • 20 trends changing the world of work and transforming the nature of careers in accountancy

    Let's discuss how to attract, manage and develop talent in your practice today.
    Key takeaways coming soon.