Competition Deadline:
18 September 2020

The Ethics Essay Competition endeavours to promote ethics and integrity in finance. The initiative reaches out to people familiar with the accountancy, banking, finance and investment sectors to attract innovative ideas, proposals and projects which could be promoted to major players in the business community. The aim is to strengthen the sustainability of ethics in business and to reinforce its implementation.

The competition also promotes greater awareness among people of the benefits of strengthening ethical approaches in all aspects of finance. Let’s start the conversation.

Jointly organised by ACCA Hong Kong and CFA Institute, we present a perfect platform to express your thoughts and to exchange best thinking on ethical issues among like-minded professionals in the finance world. Register now!

Organisers: ACCA Hong Kong and CFA Institute 

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  • About the competition
    • Submissions of essay in English should be around 1,000 – 1,500 words
    • You choose the topic in finance that you want to write about
    • The essay should comprise three parts: the background, the ethical dilemma and the solution or action taken. 
    • Prizes are awarded to the top three entries 
    • Download the Rules and Regulation and Cover Page
  • Prizes

    First Prize: Apple HomePod

    Second Prize: Apple Watch Series 3

    Third Prize: Apple AirPods

    The top three winners may  have the chance to present their case virtually to the audience of industry experts, practitioners and academicians on the Global Ethic Day to be held in the week of 19 October 2020. 

  • Eligibility

    The competition is open to any members of ACCA Hong Kong and CFA Institute wishing to advocate the highest standard ethics and professionalism in the finance world.

  • What we are looking for?
    • Innovative approach
    • Insightful and thorough analysis
    • Practical and relevant to society
    • Precision in writing including clarity of expression
    • Clear conclusions
  • Benefits of participation
    • Ideal platform to express yourself
    • Ideal avenue to try a different event
    • Possible opportunity to present your essay to industry experts, practitioners and academicians
    • Winning essay possibly gets uploaded onto Asia-Pacific Research Exchange platform ( for further comments and discussion
    • Great for your professional development
  • Resources
  • Submission
    Submission checklist
    • Deadline will be strictly adhered to. Late entries will not be entertained.
    • Advisable to download and adhere to the Rules and Regulation to avoid disqualification
    • Submission consist of 3 SEPARATE documents – 1) signed and completed Cover Page, 2) essay (in word format), and 3) essay (in pdf format)
    • File name – Please use your Membership number as the file name. (Cover Page membership number), (Essay Word membership number) and (Essay PDF membership number). Example of Cover Page Submission – Cover Page 0001. There should NOT be additional information on the file such as name, organisation or any hint of your identity to encourage impartiality in grading
    • For essay (in word format) and essay (in pdf format), please ensure that you DO NOT have your name, organisation or any hint of your identity to ensure impartiality in grading. Judges will only have access to the essay (in pdf format).
    • Submit via email to


    Important reminder

    • Do not plagiarise
    • Do not infringe the intellectual property rights
    • Reference must be made to assertions, data etc
    • Do not make unsubstantiated assertions about organisations or individuals which might be libellous
    • The Competition is subject to all applicable Hong Kong laws and regulations
  • In line with ESG principles

    We will try our very best wherever practical to run this competition with minimal carbon footprint. 

    We endeavour to:

    • Use predominantly electronic communication
    • Submission of entries via email (no hard copy accepted)
    • Print minimal marketing collaterals and information booklets
    • Use soft-copy certificate of participation, appreciation etc (Sorry Judges, there won’t be token of appreciation)