ACCA Hong Kong members can obtain a master degree in accounting and job related area, by successfully completing two subjects while ACCA intermediate stage holders can also obtain the same award by completing three subjects.

The UK government commended work based and integrative studies method (WBIS) enables academic achievements in areas that are important to you. You can negotiate your distinctive award title with university specialists. For example:

  • MA/MSc in Accounting (WBIS)
  • MA/MSc in Accounting and Finance (WBIS)
  • MA/MSc in Accounting and Investment Management (WBIS)
  • MA/MSc in Accounting and Corporate Governance (WBIS)

Special programme fee

  • Top up for ACCA members: GBP 4,480 (2018/19)*
  • Top up for ACCA intermediate stage holders: GBP 5,600 (2018/19)*

The last date for the offer for 2018/19 is 31 August 2019.

*programme fee is subject to annual adjustment

For details of the programme, visit the Success Institute website.

Application and enquiries

Interested members may contact the authorized centre of University of Chester:

Success Institute of Higher Education and Professional Training Ltd

Tel: (852) 3482 8241 or (852) 3482 8251
Email: info@i-success.org