Strategic Professional

From September 2018 Strategic Professional replaces the previous Professional level.

Find out more about these exciting innovations and why with these changes ACCA professionals will continue to be the most valued and sought-after across the globe.

Strategic Professional

Introducing Strategic Business Leader exam

  • Replaced the P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics, and P3 Business Analysis exams.
  • Students who hold P1 and P3 passes with valid expiry dates receive a converted Strategic Business Leader pass.  
  • Innovative case study exam - taking the core competencies from the P1 and P3 exams.  Using real-world scenarios, students will need to use a blend of technical, professional and ethic skills in the evaluation and presentation of their responses.

Introducing Strategic Business Reporting

  • Replaced the P2 Corporate Reporting exam.
  • Students who hold a P2 pass with valid expiry date will receive a converted Strategic Business Reporting pass.
  • Retaining the technical content of P2, it is significantly enhanced by giving students the skills needed to confidently speak the language of business, and explain reports and the impacts of transactions to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Options exams remain

  • Students still have the opportunity to choose their Option exams from the four subjects previously offered which remain the same.
  • Unlike previously, all the questions within each of the Strategic Professional exams will be compulsory from September 2018 (from June 2018 for Advanced Taxation exam). Please see syllabus and study guides for more details.  
  • These changes mean students can maximise their time answering the exam questions, more efficiently managing the exam and subsequently boosting their chances of success.

Achieving success

Our research shows that studying with an Approved Learning Partner and using our learning support resources will maximise your chances of exam success.  In particular for Strategic Business Leader, the learning and application of professional skills assessed in this exam will be greatly improved by learning with others. 

Find a learning partner near you in our Learning Community.

We would also encourage you to complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module before attempting any Strategic Professional exam.