Strategic Business Leader top tips

Check out our top tips to achieve success in the Strategic Business Leader exam.

Tip 1

Study with an Approved Learning Partner
An Approved Learning Partner who specialises in teaching Strategic Business Leader will boost your chances of exam success. Look out for the SBL badge on our learning provider map by clicking on the link below.

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Tip 2

Plan ahead and familiarise yourself with the exam
Give yourself time to prepare for success. Familiarise yourself with the exam and use our study support resource finder to discover available resources to you. We recommend starting your planning at least four to five months in advance of sitting the exam.

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Tip 3

Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module
The Ethics and Professional Skills module is a great tool to help you prepare for Strategic Business Leader as it will introduce you to the ethical and professional skills examined in the exam.

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Tip 4

Join our 'how to study' webinar
Discover effective study methods and resources as well as what to expect from tuition with an Approved Learning Partner from two SBL tutors.

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Tip 5

Plan, prepare and pass with our study support guide
This guide will provide a structured approach to exam preparation - signposting resources. explaining how to use them and providing you with  interactive checklists to keep your studies on track

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Tip 6

'Buddy up'
With one or more fellow Strategic Business Leader students to swap ideas and answers, and to discuss the exam and its real-world context.  The exam is about application of skills and concepts - and this is best done in a group.

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Tip 7

Enter for the exam session that's right for you
Ensure you take the SBL exam when you expect to be well prepared and confident of success. In addition to planning your study well in advance, speak to your tutor who’ll be able to advise you which session is right for you.

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Tip 8

Watch our  'professional skills' webinar series
Our series of tutor-led webinars focus on the importance of demonstrating professional skills in the context of the exam and how doing so will help gain you marks. 

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Tip 9

Use the SBL study support resources
Regularly review the SBL section of the study support resource finder on the ACCA website to keep up to date with the latest tools and resources which you can use alongside a course of tuition.

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