Business Competition 2020-21


In 2020 we have seen a world shaken by a series of global crises, paralysing the global economy and pushing everyone into deep retreat. As the world is striving to transcend the crisis and turn retreat into recovery, a new business normal is beginning to take shape. Black swan events like the Covid-19 pandemic shall bring lessons to entrepreneurs and business leaders today on fostering disruptive innovations as business landscapes transform. In this new era of uncertainty, it is vital for businesses to emerge stronger and fitter in order to move towards a sustainable recovery.

Themed ‘Rewiring our future: leading digital innovation and sustainable success’ this year, you will be challenged to bring new ideas of survival and transformation to decipher the next business normal.

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About the Competition

Benefits & Key to Success

Seasoned ACCA-qualified professionals will act as coaches for the Top 20 Teams, offering an exceptional learning experience that will benefit the students during the Competition and in the long-run. For more, participants who have submitted business proposals will each be awarded a Participating Certificate. It will be a great opportunity to gain recognition to enrich your CV. To encourage students to equip themselves with a blend of skills and qualities required for the future world, the Seven Professional Quotients 7Qs will continue to be used to evaluate the business proposals and students’ performance.