How the ACCA Qualification develops career-zone expertise

With significant disruption in the external market, business models will continue to disrupt to remain competitive and viable. From leading start-up businesses to delivering major transformation programmes, the skills that professional accountants acquire to support businesses of all sizes transforming in the digital era will be vital.

According to our survey of members, 88% expect career opportunities in business transformation and change to increase, 69% expect more opportunities in finance operations and shared services, 69% expect more opportunities in start-ups and running their own business.

Competencies needed by the business transformer

Business transformers will need the well-rounded skills provided by the ACCA Qualification, with particular emphasis on the competency areas highlighted:

ACCA Qualification diagram showing all of key competencies making up the qualification. Assurance advocates need to focus, in particular, on the 'Audit and Assurance' and 'Governance, Risk and Control' competencies

These competences are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in the exams, ethics and experience components of the qualification.

The ACCA Qualification, through exams such as Strategic Business Leader which encourage students to think strategically, support the leadership and strategic and digital skills which business transformers will need to advise and lead innovative change in their organisation.  By embedding digital skills and data technology throughout the ACCA Qualification, particularly at Strategic Professional, students will be able to transform businesses as digital platforms open the door to new opportunities.

Stakeholder relationship management skills are developed throughout the qualification, providing our students with the skills to communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders. 

Developing a deep understanding of all aspects of financial and performance management, as offered in the most progressive Options exams in these areas on the market, ACCA students can be the essential architects of organisational change and become effective leaders of business process improvement. 

ACCA’s unique Ethics and Professional Skills module (EPSM) ensures that our members will be ready to manage change both ethically and professionally.

The competences required to meet the demands of this role are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in exams, ethics and experience.

"88% of ACCA members expect career opportunities in business transformation and change to increase"

ACCA research finding