How the ACCA Qualification develops career-zone expertise

How organisations use data and information is key to creating advantage and long-term success. The exponential rise of data as an enterprise asset provides new opportunities for real time agile insight into how organisations create and sustain long term value. The availability and use of such data also presents new threats which the organisations must learn to effectively manage.

This is the professional accountant as a strategic adviser, helping develop and leverage many rich data sets and ever fast changing analytical tools and technologies to drive faster and more credible insight and tell the story on organisation performance.

According to our survey of members, 88% suggest specific opportunities will grow in data analytics and 78% in strategic business partnering.

Competencies needed by the data navigator

Data navigators will need the well-rounded skills provided by the ACCA Qualification, with particular emphasis on the competency areas highlighted:

ACCA Qualification diagram showing all of key competencies making up the qualification. Assurance advocates need to focus, in particular, on the 'Audit and Assurance' and 'Governance, Risk and Control' competencies

These competences are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in the exams, ethics and experience components of the qualification.

Digital skills and application of data technology are embedded throughout the ACCA Qualification which means ACCA’s data navigators will be able to identify opportunities and threats and explore strategic options arising from the explosion of data and emerging technologies. 

The strategic and leadership skills developed through exams such as Strategic Business Leader, mean that students will be able to deliver forwardthinking analysis as well as having the understanding of governance requirements that allow them to identify, evaluate and monitor any risks needed to support sustainable future businesses. 

A key component of data navigators’ work will be having a clear understanding of the professional and ethical obligations that must be met in the use of data and data technology, with ethics and professionalism embedded throughout all our exams and the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

The ACCA Qualification also continues to develop a deep understanding of all aspects of financial management, including the most progressive advanced exam on the market whilst management accounting is firmly embedded in the ACCA Qualification with the option to specialise in this key area at Strategic Professional.

The competences required to meet the demands of this role are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in exams, ethics and experience.

"88% of ACCA members suggest specific opportunities will grow in data analytics, and 78% in strategic business partnering"

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