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Data protection

By completing this form you accept that we can use this information and other relevant personal data to process your advocacy application and to register you as an advocate for promoting ACCA in public.

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    You can update your information or opt-out from being an advocate at any point by contacting us. ACCA may share information with suppliers and our auditors

    Please note that for individuals based outside the UK, your information will be held in ACCA’s main information systems which are located in the EU and may be accessed by ACCA’s local office in your country of residence. ACCA processes information within the EU, but may also transfer data outside of the EU as part of its operations and service delivery.

    When using your profile for promotional purposes, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you for approval before it goes live. For more details on how your information and rights are respected, please access our privacy notice, or contact

Next steps

Use the information on these pages to inspire you into using your skills and experience to help others. Keep in touch with us and tell us about the advocacy activity you have carried out and share your story.

It’s entirely up to you how much time you dedicate to being an advocate. You could ‘tell your story’ once a year or 10 times a year. The choice is yours!

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