Covid-19 exam information

Our key priority is to ensure health and safety while our students continue their ACCA journey during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re working hard with local governments around the world to ensure that exam centres operate safely.

December 2021 latest

Last updated: 3 November

In the event that it is not possible to run exams at an exam centre, students in impacted locations will be offered the opportunity to take remotely invigilated exams.

Visit our exam availability and booking page for details on how exams are currently scheduled to take place in each location.

Remotely invigilated session exams

Full details on remotely invigilated session exams can be found on our remote session exam hub, which provides full details of:

  • the minimum technical requirements you must have to successfully run the exams
  • exam booking information including entry deadlines
  • exam preparation guidance and
  • what to expect on exam day.

Centre exams

The health and safety of our staff and students remains our top priority.

Where centre exams are going ahead, any neccessary precautionary measures will be in place so that you can continue to take your exam in a safe environment.

Please see below for more information on the measures we took in September 2021 by area, including centre-based FAQs. We will provide details of our December 2021 measures ahead of the exam session.