Preparing for exams

Preparation is key to achieving exam success. This video shows you how to effectively plan your studies and revision, so when you come to sit your exams, you should achieve the results you've worked hard for.


Exam resources

We have a wide range of exam resources to help you prepare for your exams. We recommend you use these resources to give yourself the best chance of passing.  We’ve also done research which shows that students who use these four resources are around 22% more likely to pass their exam*:

  • Approved content
    Purchasable content from our approved content providers. The approved study texts have been reviewed by the examining teams to ensure the right breadth and depth of syllabus coverage. The approved question and answer banks , fully updated for syllabus and exam format changes are the best source of exam style questions to practice.
  • Examiners reports
    The examining team prepare reports after each exam session to offer insight and feedback on candidates’ performance.
  • Specimen exams**
    Experience the live exam format and practise exam-style questions. CBE specimen exams are also available.
  • ‘Five minutes with the examining team’ videos
    ACCA qualification technical advisers give advice on what the examining team are looking for, provide strategies to maximise exam success, and more.

Search for exam resources.

* Source: September 2016 post-exam student feedback survey in conjunction with results from the September 2016 exam session. Relates to global exam sittings and results may vary by exam.

** Please note specimen exams are not available for all exams.

About exam day

Once you’re ready to sit the exam, read the exam guidelines to make sure you know what to expect.