What is remote invigilation and how does it work?

Remote invigilation uses technology to allow students to take exams online at home, or place of their choosing. This could be in their office or another quiet space.

Students will be given an exam start time, just like our centre exams, and they will complete the exam in the allocated time, under the same conditions as an exam centre.

The exam will be invigilated remotely by a real person who will invigilate a number of students via each student’s webcam. The invigilator will monitor what the student is doing, as well as checking that the room is quiet with just the student in the room. During the exam they will remain in the background so will not disturb students when they are completing their exam.

We are now offering remotely invigilated exams for all of our on-demand exams.

Find out more information on remote on-demand CBEs

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When is remote invigilation being introduced?

Remotely invigilated exams are now offered for our on-demand CBEs in some countries.

Find out more information on remote on-demand CBEs

We are looking into how we can deliver session based exams remotely if centre-based exams continue to be disrupted in September and beyond.

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What equipment do students need to take remotely invigilated exams?

Students taking remotely invigilated exams need to have internet access and for their equipment to meet the minimum specification requirements in order to run the exams successfully.

Find out more information on system requirements for remote on-demand CBEs

Specific remote session CBE system requirements will be provided should these be offered in future exam sessions.


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Why is ACCA offering remote invigilation?

Remote invigilation allows us to offer flexibility in the event that centre exams cannot take place due to disruptions. We understand how frustrating it is for students if exams get cancelled so, while the pandemic has forced us to close many centres around the world, being able to offer remote invigilation will ensure students can continue to take their exams as planned.

Students can now sit remote on-demand CBEs, find out more information

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Are remotely invigilated exams secure?

Remotely invigilated exams are very secure due to the checks performed before and during the exam.  The exam regulations will be available to students ahead of booking, to allow them to familiarise themselves with what they are permitted to have and do during the exam.

Once the exam has started, the invigilator will continue to monitor the student for the duration of the exam. They will also be able to assist you with any technical issues that you face.

Find out more information on remote on-demand CBEs

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Can I take a break during a remotely invigilated exam?

No. For exam security purposes, breaks are not permitted during remotely invigilated exams. 

We will prepare support for students to ensure all students know how to prepare and get ready to take their exams, including tips on eating before the exam starts, to maximise focus during the exam time. As students are taking the exams at home we are hopeful that all students will start the exam refreshed and ready to focus throughout the exam time.

Find out more information on remote on-demand CBEs

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Will all session based exams in September be remotely invigilated?

We are still planning to run exams in centres in countries where we can. Exam entry is currently open for our centre-based exams, so students should book exams as they normally would.

If we are advised that centres have to close, we will aim to switch students to a remotely invigilated exam if students would like to continue on their planned journey and places are still available.

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Can I book a remotely invigilated exam for September?

We know many markets will run centre exams as usual and we encourage students to book their centre-based exam through our exam planner.

We will be in touch with students if this outlook changes and as we develop our plans for the remotely invigilated exams and if/where these will be offered.

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I don’t have a regular exam centre in my country. Can I book a remotely invigilated exam?

ACCA offers a range of special centres in addition to our regular network for our some of our session based exams.

Please follow our normal processes to request a special centre and we will investigate centre availability. 

Students looking to take a remotely invigilated on-demand CBE who don't have access to an exam centre can do so by accessing our remote on-demand CBE page

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Can I use a calculator in the July session?

Yes, calculators are allowed and you will be asked to show the invigilator at the start of the exam.

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Can I use scrap paper?

No paper is allowed on your desk. We encourage you to practise before the live exam using the scratch pad functionality on the practice platform.

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Is remote invigilation being introduced in all countries?

We're planning for centre exams to take place and are working with local government bodies to ensure we follow all guidelines to make the centres safe for you.

There are a small number of countries in which we are not yet able to offer remote invigilation and this includes Mainland China, Malta, Iran and Sudan. We will keep all students updated as plans progress.

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