Strategic Professional CBE resources

Recommended materials for preparing to teach computer-based exams

As part of our on-going commitment to innovation and producing work-ready students, we are introducing session CBEs for the Strategic Professional exams in selected locations.

We've created a wide variety of resources to help you provide effective support to students sitting SP exams. Resources available through the Education Hub are only available to our Silver, Gold and Platinum partners.

1. Get started: Strategic Professional CBE module


We recommend starting out with our Strategic Professional (SP) CBE module.

It's an interactive course that guides you on effectively teaching SP CBE.

SP CBE is available exclusively via the Education Hub.

2. Learn the software: CBE guidance document


The CBE guidance document is a comprehensive guide to the SP CBE software.

It is an invaluable tool detailing all of the features and functionality of SP CBE.

There are two versions available to download: one for SBL; and another for all other SP exams.

3. Experience the CBEs: Practice Platform


The Practice Platform is a great way to familiarise yourself (and your students) with the live exam format.

You can create questions and tests that can be assigned, as well as mark and provide feedback to your students.

Practice Platform is exclusively available to ALPs.

4. Take the modules: Digital Train the Trainer


In addition to the SP CBE modules, ALPs can access the full Digitial Train the Trainer courses via the Education Hub.

They're tailor-made courses with a subject-specific focus, providing useful insights, hints and tips covering all aspects of teaching SP.

Check the Digital Train the Trainer modules on the Education Hub:

5. Watch the webinar: March 2020 session review


Watch the ACCA Tutor Exam Review webinar, where the examining team reviewed the March 2020 SP CBE.

The webinar is available on demand.

6. View our on-demand SP CBE webinars


We host webinars where expert tutors explore subject-specific guidance for SP CBE, referring to examiner feedback and explaining exam approach to exam questions.

Our webinars are available on demand, so you an access them any time.