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ACCA-X is an online learning programme to support anyone interested in accountancy and business, offering free and affordable courses anywhere in the world, ranging from bookkeeping to management and financial accounting. It provides an important first step towards an ACCA Qualification: here, Michal Libic explains how ACCA-X helped him build his career as a professional accountant.

Michal Libic is an audit senior with BDO in Boston, US. He came to the US from the Czech Republic a year ago, having joined BDO in Prague in 2015.

This was also the same year that he joined ACCA, having first connected with the professional qualification through the ACCA-X programme.

‘I knew that large accounting firms encourage their staff to pursue qualifications such as ACCA, but more importantly I saw it as a necessity if I wanted to have a good career in accountancy,’ Michal explains.

He already had an accountancy degree from a Czech university, but knew the international value of the ACCA Qualification, one that would be recognised around the world. However, he first needed to understand what ACCA could offer – this is where ACCA-X came in.

‘I had signed up with ACCA but had not taken any exams, so began to look for online courses. ACCA-X was a perfect fit for my needs,’ he says. ‘It showed me what I could expect in the exams and I also learned more about the syllabus. ACCA-X is also very good for students at universities as a supplement to their studies. They can demonstrate the knowledge they learn at school in a different way, many times more practical.’

Michal joined BDO in Prague as an audit assistant but was then promoted to junior audit manager level, before taking on a two-year secondment in the firm’s Boston office. He has no doubt that the ACCA Qualification helped him secure the secondment.

‘We didn’t have many ACCA qualified accountants in our Prague office when I joined, so I did really stand out. Thanks to my qualification, I quickly built up the trust of my supervisors, taking on more responsible roles. Qualifications like ACCA broaden your perspectives and help you to see problems from different perspectives.”

And he has no doubt about how ACCA-X helped him on the path to becoming a professional accountant: ‘ACCA-X is an easy and effective way to get a high-quality accounting education. I recommend it to anybody interested in improving their accountancy knowledge, skills, and career perspectives, especially to students and those considering joining ACCA in the future.’