In recent years our research identified digital - the awareness and application of existing and emerging digital technologies, capabilities, practices and strategies - as a significant area of interest. Because of this we have an established digital and technology research programme which now includes our latest research on machine learning. This report explains the tremendous opportunities this area has for our profession, and why emotional intelligence and ethical judgment remain vital.

"ACCA members have the core skills and competencies to be leaders at the forefront of the business transformation that will inevitably happen as the world takes advantage of the latest digital technologies."

Robert Stenhouse is ACCA president and a director, national accounting and audit, at Deloitte in the UK

And thanks to our ground breaking research, we also deliver the relevant digital skills that our students and members need by firmly embedding our findings throughout the ACCA Qualification and CPD resources.

We bring insight, practical guidance and solutions that enable our stakeholders to embrace these new technologies. By looking to the future, we deliver the insights and skills our members need for success in tomorrow’s world.

Coming soon: over the next few months we’ll be announcing even more CPD resources for members on digital issues – watch out on AB Direct for more!