You need to take into account all relevant information and use professional judgement, your personal values and scepticism to evaluate data and make decisions. You should identify right from wrong and escalate anything of concern.

You also need to make sure that your skills, knowledge and behaviour are up-to-date and allow you to be effective in your role.

Performance objective elements

The five elements of each performance objective describe the tasks, skills and behaviours that trainees must demonstrate in order to achieve the objective.

  • Elements

    a. Act diligently and honestly, following codes of conduct, taking into account - and keeping up-to-date with - legislation.

    b. Act with integrity, objectivity, professional competency and due care and confidentiality. You should raise concerns about non-compliance. 

    c. Develop a commitment to your personal and professional knowledge and development. You should become a life-long learning and continuous improver, seeking feedback and reflect on your contribution and skills. 

    d. Identify, extract, interrogate and evaluate complex data to make reliable, informed decisions. 

    e. Interrogate, critically analyse and assess data and other information with professional scepticism. You should challenge opinion and facts through corroboration and robust testing. 

Linked competencies

  • Ethics and Professionalism

    A. Develops advanced ethical values and professional skills in the promotion of public interest and the profession.

    B. Demonstrates personal effectiveness in fast changing environments.

    C. Encourages innovative thinking within the context of professional scepticism.

    D. Thinks proactively about the future, applying professional judgement and commercial intelligence and seeks specialist input when needed.

    E. Communicates effectively and influences others.

  • Advisory and Consultancy

    A. Gathers and understands financial and non-financial information to develop complete knowledge of the client business and the environment in which it operates.


  • Data, Digital and Technology

    A. Identifies strategic options to add value, using data and technology.


Key exams