Performance objective elements

The five elements of each performance objective describe the tasks, skills and behaviours that trainees must demonstrate in order to achieve the objective.

  • Elements

    a. Advise on the appropriateness and cost of different sources of finance. 

    b. Identify and raise an appropriate source of finance for a specific business need. 

    c. Review the financial and strategic consequences of undertaking a particular investment decision. 

    d. Select investment or merger and acquisition opportunities using appropriate appraisal techniques. 

    e. Evaluate projects, financial securities and instruments - and advise on their costs and benefits to the organisation. 

Linked competencies

  • Financial Management

    B. Advises on business asset valuations, capital projects and investments using appropriate analytical qualitative and quantitative techniques.

    C. Identifies, evaluates and advises on alternative sources of business finance and different ways of raising finance.

    D. Communicates and advises on the impact on financial decision making on current developments in regulation, governance and ethics.

Key exams