Performance objective elements

The five elements of each performance objective describe the tasks, skills and behaviours that trainees must demonstrate in order to achieve the objective.

  • Elements

    a. Identify key sources of financial risk to the organisation and how they might arise.

    b. Assess the likelihood and impact of financial risks to specific business activities. 

    c. Assess whether to transfer, avoid, reduce or accept financial risk. 

    d. Advise on using instruments or techniques to manage financial risk. 

    e. Monitor financial risks, reviewing their status and advising on how they should be managed. 

Linked competencies

  • Financial Management

    A. Links developments in global trade, markets business practices and the economic environment to required improvements in the financial and risk management of an organisation.

    E. Assesses and advises on appropriate strategies to manage business and organisational performance regarding  business and finance risk and effectively communicates the impact.

Key exams