APM InSession Plus

InSession Plus is a weekly programme designed to offer you step-by-step support in the month leading up to the exam session, to help you get the best out of some of the key ACCA resources that we know can improve your chances of exam success.

This programme is open to anyone studying for APM, so please tell your friends and encourage them to join in!

How to use the programme

Each week, we'll release a dedicated webpage containing motivational advice and technical guidance from our expert tutor. The format will usually include the following elements:

  • A short introductory video, giving an overview of what to expect that week.
  • Some technical or exam technique related information – this might be something for you to read about the importance of a particular resource, or a video from our expert tutor giving you advice on how to use a particular resource or on a tricky APM topic.
  • A task for you to complete, usually in the ACCA Practice Platform. This might be something informal like trying out certain CBE functionality, or a more formal task such as completing an exam question. All tasks will have a short video introducing the task and giving you some guidance on how to approach it, and for some tasks there will also be debrief videos available.
  • The opportunity to chat with fellow students on the ACCA Learning Community. There will also be the chance to connect with our expert tutor for discussion and Q&A.

Introducing the team

Throughout the five-week programme you’ll hear from some ACCA student support staff – Isobel Wroath, Lucy Moore and Richard Baillie – as well as our expert tutor, Steve Willis.

    Introducing Steve

Isobel Wroath is ACCA’s Education Community Manager. She manages student communities which provide support and guidance throughout the journey to ACCA qualification.

Lucy Moore is an Education Support Manager at ACCA, with a focus on providing support to students to help them achieve exam success.

Richard Baillie is Education Journey CX Manager and ACCA, and is responsible for coordinating large parts of the student learning journey

Next Steps: Check your underpinning knowledge

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to check your understanding of key APM syllabus areas and core concepts.

Underpinning knowledge (knowledge that has been taught earlier in the qualification) is vital to exam success. Our Get Ready Modules will help you work out if you have any gaps in this knowledge and provide recommendations to top it up so that you can study smarter. For APM we have knowledge recap modules to help you brush up on core concepts.