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Application of IAS36 Principles to Covid-19 Impact on Companies
IFRS Memory Shots - IAS 21
Impact of Pandemic on Impairment of Financial Assets IFRS 9

Introduction to Goodwill

Hedge Accounting Overview
Accounting for Cryptocurrencies Part 1

Accounting for Cryptocurrencies (Part 2) IAS 38 Intangible Asset

IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements (Control to Control Situation)


Potential Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Reporting Part 1
Potential Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Reporting Part 2

Classification of Asset

Exam Format Essentials

Lease Accounting under IFRS 16 Leases
IAS 21 | Functional Currency (ref. SBR M20 Q1a)

IFRS 3 | Accounting for Customer Contracts and Goodwill (ref. SBR M20 Q1b)

IFRS 5 | NCA Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations (ref. SBR M20 Q1c)

IFRS 9 | Impairment in Valuation of Bond (ref. SBR M20 Q1d)