Free P1 and P3 webinars

Are you planning on sitting P1 and/or P3 in June 2018?

With the introduction of the Strategic Business Leader exam in September 2018, this is the last session where the P1 and P3 exams will be available.  If you are planning on taking these exams, we'd strongly encourage you to access the free webinar resources available below to support your success.

P1 and P3 revision series

Dr Constantine (Dino) Kiritsis' mini revision series on the P1 and P3 exams.  

This series advise you on how to answer questions effectively and cover Dos and Don’ts when answering questions, expert advice on how to tackle each exam and understanding what examiners expect.  

Learning Series

In May Dino will also be on hand to summarise the content and answer any of your questions to help with your revision ahead of the exams.

Upcoming live revision webinars

  • P1 - Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May, 12pm to 2pm register now
  • P3 - Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 May, 12pm to 2pm register now

ACCA webinars: marking insights on P1 and P3

Our P1 and P3 marking insight webinars are designed to give students more confidence in how marks are awarded in the P1 and P3 exams.

Pre-webinar preparation:

Questions, solutions and sample scrips for a P1 and a P3 question are provided at the bottom of this page. Before the webinar you should:

  1. Attempt the relevant question 
  2. Mark the script using the solutions provided

Try to note down in as much detail as possible where you think the marks should and should not be awarded. Try to give an overall mark to the script too. 

Once you have completed this activity - you should view the relevant webinar and we'll share a full debrief of where and how marks should be awarded. 

Upcoming live marking insights webinars

 Previous on-demand webinars

Retake P1 or P3 successfully webinars

In these on-demand webinars Kaplan tutors provide their insight on how to achieve exam success - focusing particularly on students who have sat P1 and/or P3 exams previously. They take students through the study approach so they can study for their retake in the best way and include guidance on using the right question practice and avoiding common mistakes made in P1 and P3 exams.

Watch the re-take webinars on-demand