After fail

So you did not pass this time – but what can you do to do better next time?

Did you start studying a week before the exam? Did you not attempt the mock exam? Did you leave questions? Did you only focus on cramming knowledge? Did you not bother to focus on practice questions? Did you not read the instructions in the paper – preferring to reply to the question as you wanted, not as the examiner wanted?

If the answers are 'yes', even if you think you worked hard, you did not have a focused professional approach to ACCA exams.

For your next attempt, develop a study plan that includes time for revising concepts but also time for practising under exam conditions, mark your questions, evaluate your progress, do take mock exam. You may have many other priorities but for the next few months make ACCA your priority.

Passing ACCA exams require dedication to a disciplined study plan of which a very important part has to be substantial practice of exam style questions under exam conditions. Many students work hard but do not pass exams. One of the main reasons is spending all the time on cramming study texts – thus not having sufficient time for doing practice questions under exam conditions testing application of knowledge and analysis of information skills essential for passing fundamental papers. Focus on practice, attempt the mock exam, get it marked and act on the feedback as you prepare for exams.

Students do not pass not because of lack of knowledge but because they struggle to face exam stress. Be prepared for the exams, focus on understanding the concepts rather cramming, focus on attempting the revision kit under time pressure to get practice and be ready for exams. Manage time and attempt all questions.

Passing professional papers requires evaluation and synthesising of information skills. Scenarios need to be read and information in scenarios evaluated and used in answering the questions. Professional skills necessary for a professional accountant for example articulation, exhibition of judgment skills, structured layout and conciseness give professional marks. So go for them.

"Focus on practice, attempt the mock exam, get it marked and act on the feedback as you prepare for exams"