When can I start work on my Research and Analysis Project for the BSc Applied Accounting?

With the interruption to exams, you may be thinking about what you can do to keep your studies on track – you might consider the BSc Applied Accounting offered by Oxford Brookes University, which can be taken as a fully online provision.

To be eligible to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP), you must

  • have completed the Applied Knowledge exams Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, and Taxation (with exemptions being allowed for these three exams) and Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Audit and Assurance as ACCA exams, within 10 years of your first ACCA exam/exemption, and
  • have completed Ethics and Professional Skills module (or Professional Ethics module).

The Ethics and Professional Skills module (EPSM) provides an excellent foundation for the RAP, particularly the units on personal effectiveness, commercial acumen and communication skills. Therefore, OBU highly recommends you complete the EPSM before starting the RAP. So EPSM is one thing you might want to start work on now.

OBU would not normally recommend trying to work on both the RAP and prepare for your exams, but if you are not preparing for exams, you may want to start work on the Research and Analysis Project before completing your exams. 

OBU has made some adjustments to help you do this.

  • The RAP allows you to choose a topic from a list of 20 topics. If you are considering working on topic 8, which is an analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period, you will need to select organisations from specified industry sectors. The industry sectors listed in the 2019/20 information pack will remain in place for 2020/21.  
  • If you take and pass exams in the September sitting and have your RAP ready to submit, you may submit in November. If you pass the exams in the December or March sitting, you may submit your RAP in May 2021. 
  • Working with a mentor is an essential part of the RAP. Due to the current pandemic, all mentoring must be conducted remotely. Most mentors do offer online mentoring and you do not need to use a mentor from your own country. Some of ACCA's Approved Learning Partners, including Platinum learning providers, offer support including online mentoring from the UK for the RAP.

Remember – you cannot submit your RAP until you have passed the Applied Knowledge and Skills exams, and completed the EPSM.