Partner relationships

Partner relationship: AccountancyEurope

Working in partnership to advocate for finance professionals across the world

AccountancyEurope (AcE) unites 50 professional organisations from 35 countries and  represents 1 million qualified accountants, auditors and advisors. In the same vein as our ACCA Brussels office represents our members and students globally, AcE represents the European profession in regard to EU policy makers, regulators and international standard-setters, promoting the profession’s relevance and reputation on the EU scene.

ACCA is a member body of AcE and we share the same values. Both our organisations express professional accountants’ daily experiences from across Europe (and globally for ACCA) to inform the European policy debate, especially in the areas in which our profession can contribute most, namely: Sustainable Finance, SMEs, Tax, Reporting and Audit. Qualified accountants measure, disclose and add credibility to organisational data to support decision makers in the public and private sectors with good and reliable information. They provide the transparency, trust and integrity that help markets function. 

AcE’s 50 members, including ACCA, are at the core of the work it carries out. We send representatives to the majority of the Expert Groups that contribute to AcE’s projects, to provide feedback and input on public policy and strategy. We also contribute to its highest governance body, the Members’ Assembly, meeting multiple times per year. The Members’ Assembly provides high-level guidance to the AcE board on strategy, and appoints and supervises the board. 

The partnership benefits us and our members hugely, with AcE providing speakers at our events and regularly promoting ACCA’s Professional Insights reports via their website, newsletters and social media. In addition, we’re a member of their SME Network, which looks at how the profession can help the EU unleash the potential of SMEs. 

ACCA and AcE regularly partner for joint position papers and high-profile conferences. We’re stronger together; working in partnership is the most effective way to represent the interests of the finance profession and to get our voices heard on vital issues across the world.