Partner relationships

Partner relationship: Ignition

Streamlining engagement processes and lightening the load for our practitioners and clients.

In October 2019, ACCA UK was delighted to announce an integrated partnership with innovative client engagement, proposals and payments platform, Ignition. This forward-thinking partnership was developed to encourage tech-led innovation among ACCA members, focusing specifically on the transformation of ACCA’s letters of engagement templates.

We knew that the dual process of engagement-letter creation, and gaining clients’ signatures was often arduous, and we also knew that a tool was needed to help practitioners and clients through the payment process.

Our partnership with Ignition helps improve the lives of our practitioners and their clients by streamlining both these functions. The difficult and lengthy operation around engagement letters, (involving a 174-page series of templates) has been revolutionised by this cutting-edge platform. Ignition’s software allows members to generate professional proposals and detailed letters of engagement based on our original templates. Payment information is also included in proposals, meaning that members can obtain clients’ signatures and direct debit details before they’re technically even a customer—thereby eliminating virtually all risk of payments not being received going forward.

With more than 300 ACCA practices now using Ignition’s award-winning platform, ACCA has taken a massive step towards transforming the way global accounting practices operate on a day-to-day basis. And for SMPs it hugely cuts down on the length of time taken to complete the engagement process, leaving them free to focus on more valuable activities rather than chasing overdue payments, or creating lengthy proposals.

This collaboration has been a positive experience for all our members. From the ACCA road shows to the Accounting & Finance Virtual Summits, the past two years’ work has shown us that Ignition cares about the wellbeing and best practice of our members as much as we do. We’re excited about what this partnership could bring to ACCA’s future.