ACCA Approved Employer directory

ACCA Approved Employers are formally recognised partners of ACCA. They provide a working environment that is designed to support ACCA members and/or trainees.

This directory lists active approvals categorised by:

  • globally Approved Employers - relevant to all offices in all locations
  • employers approved in a specific country or location.

Searching tips: 

  • For UK searches, at least two letters must be entered into the ‘Firm name’ field.
  • Employers can be approved to deliver three types of ACCA support: Trainee Development, Professional Development or Practising Certificate Development. 
  • Only approvals belonging to parent companies will be shown. If you work for a subsidiary of an approved employer you will need to contact us for confirmation that they are covered by the parent company’s approval. 
  • Only active approvals are displayed. If you believe that your organisation’s approval may have lapsed, contact us. 

Approved Employer supporting information

Learn about the benefits of working for an Approved Employer, the different types of approval, and what their approval covers

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