ACCA Statement

11 June 2020: Last week, we shared our power of connections mosaic, to remind everyone of how the diversity of ACCA’s community can help us all build bridges.

The tragic events of recent weeks and the Black Lives Matter protests across the world are an urgent reminder that inequality, racism, and bias still pervade much of our society, and that much more must be done to address this and champion inclusion and diversity.

Since our founding days, inclusion has been at the heart of ACCA and central to our values, our behaviours, and our future as an organisation.

While ACCA has crossed boundaries to build bridges, we, like countless other organisations, are committed to taking a hard look at ourselves during this period, and in the days ahead, so we can fully live up to our responsibilities to be inclusive for a greater good.

We are strongly committed to valuing people's differences, to being an organisation where all people – regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or belief – can and must be respected.

As we embark on a new strategy, we’re prioritising inclusion and diversity in everything we say and do so we can continue to help effect the positive change we need to see. We recommit to the values of inclusion, innovation and integrity that we have held for more than a century to listen, to learn, and to act. Systemic racism requires a systemic and sustained response that supports and preserves opportunities for all. That is why we support Black Lives Matter.