Performance objectives

Demonstrating the right skills, knowledge and behaviours

As part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER), you will achieve performance objectives* which demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed through the exams syllabuses to real-life, work activities.

Performance objectives are benchmarks of effective performance that describe the types of work activities students and affiliates will be involved in as trainee accountants. They also outline the values and attitudes trainees should demonstrate as they fulfil their practical experience requirements

You are required to achieve nine performance objectives in total, including:

  • all five Essentials objectives, and 
  • any four from 17 Technical objectives.

You will demonstrate your achievement of the performance objectives to your practical experience supervisor by performing activities in the workplace to achieve the elements and writing a statement to provide examples of experience gained and work activities undertaken. 

For more detailed information on the Performance Objectives, download the Performance Objectives booklet from the related documents section.

If you work for an approved employer you may be able to claim the performance objective exemption.