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Whether you have passed or failed an exam – or haven't taken an exam recently – now is the perfect time to get your study preparations under way to support your progress. To help you, read our short guide on how some of our upcoming and recent changes may affect you


Launch of Strategic Professional

In September, we’re launching the revised final level of our qualification – Strategic Professional. Strategic Professional will replace the existing Professional level exams of the ACCA Qualification and will make sure that the ACCA Qualification delivers the professional skills and competencies needed by employers.

The unique and powerful combination of relevant technical expertise, ethics and professional skills covered across the ACCA Qualification means that ACCA professionals will continue to be the most valued and sought after by employers across the globe. The key changes to note are outlined below.

Strategic Business Leader exam

This new case study exam uses a real-world scenario that requires students to blend technical, professional and ethical skills in the preparation and presentation of their responses.

Further information on Strategic Business Leader

Strategic Business Leader:

  • Replaces the P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics, and P3, Business Analysis exams.
  • Students who have passed both P1 and P3 before September 2018 will receive a converted pass for the new Strategic Business Leader exam.

To find out more about how the changes might affect your exam choices for 2018, see our guide.

The final opportunity to sit and pass the P1 and P3 exams will be in the forthcoming June session. Therefore, we would advise those of you who have already passed either P1 or P3 to aim to complete the other (P1 or P3) in June as you're already half way through the requirement to receive a converted pass. We have plenty of support for those of you wishing to pass these exams.

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Strategic Business Reporting exam

  • Replaces the P2, Corporate Reporting exam
  • Students who have passed P2 before September 2018 will receive a converted pass for this exam.

The syllabus of the Strategic Business Reporting exam will retain the existing technical content of P2 but with a significant change in context and focus. It will take a range of perspectives, not only the point of view of the preparer of corporate reports, but also the perspective of different stakeholders.

Strategic Business Reporting significantly enhances P2 by giving you the skills needed to confidently speak the language of business, and explain reports and the impacts of transactions to a wide variety of stakeholders.

For more information on our Strategic Professional exams, including access to support materials, visit the ACCA Qualification – the future website.

F5–F9 computer-based exams (CBEs)

Our popular F5–F9 session CBEs will be available in an ever increasing number of locations in 2018. We have now started the process of phasing out the availability of F5–F9 paper-based exams in a number of countries.

Find out where session CBEs are available and when paper-based exams will be removed in your area

We have lots of specific support tools to help you familiarise yourselves with session CBEs. Watch this short video from employers to find out why taking exams by session CBE will boost your employability skills.

Useful resources:

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Ethics and Professional Skills module

If you’re planning on taking any Professional level or Strategic Professional exams in 2018, we’d encourage you to complete the new Ethics and Professional Skills module to support your success in these exams.

Access the Ethics and Professional Skills module from your myACCA account.

By introducing you to the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills and exposing you to realistic business situations, we’re doing everything we can to support the development of the skills needed in the workplace. This module is ACCA’s new and innovative way of training people in the 21st century to develop the skills needed, while also becoming ethical and professional accountants.

Both students and tutors who have accessed the module have told us that they’ve loved how interactive the module is and how the ethical and professional skills will support students in their career. Useful resources:

Making it even simpler to get the best support

Our research tells us that students who use our learning support resources significantly increase their chances of success. Later this month we’ll update the way our learning support resources are made available on our global website, making it even easier for you navigate to the most effective resources, helping you to maximise your success. Useful resources: