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Banishing bias? Audit, objectivity and the value of professional scepticism

This report explores the importance of cognitive biases to the audit process. It explains how these biases are central to improving the exercise of professional scepticism and to understanding the fundamental ethical principle of objectivity.

09 May 2017

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Divide we fall, distributed we stand

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Insights into integrated reporting

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20 March 2017

The Living Wage

ACCA and the Living Wage Foundation have worked together to jointly issue two reports that explore agendas and issues around the world related to global adoption of a Living Wage.

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09 February 2017

Finance shared services: opportunity or end game

ACCA surveyed over 260 shared service leaders to gain their insights about what attracts them to a finance role in shared services or in a more encompassing Global Business Services (GBS) model.

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25 January 2017

Business models of the future: emerging value creation

This report examines six business models assessing their characteristics and the world in which they operate using the 'Full Stack' framework. The report also examines the role professional accountants play in start-ups and larger organisations seeking to learn from new business models.

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