Peer assessment within EPSM

Peer assessment is being introduced to Unit 8 of the Ethics and Professional Skills module for those who register for the module from 7 April 2021. Find out more about what this means and how peer assessment will support your learning.

Introducing Peer Assessment

Peer assessment is an interactive way of learning using a process of receiving feedback from your peers (other EPSM users) on your own work and you providing feedback to your peers.

When will peer assessment be introduced

Anyone registering for the module from 7 April 2021 will have to complete the peer assessment component being introduced to Unit 8 of the module. 

Anyone who registered for the module prior to 7 April will not need to complete the peer assessment component and will have the option of skipping this section.  When seeing the peer assessment screens, students will be able to move onto the next section of the module by using the left hand navigation bar.

What peer assessment will involve

As part of a task within Unit 8, you will be asked to prepare and submit a presentation with accompanying notes. Once you have submitted your presentation for review, your presentation will subsequently be reviewed against a set marking criteria by five of your peers. Meanwhile, you will also be assigned and asked to assess five presentations from other users.

Once both parts of this process have been completed, you will receive a score on your presentation and relevant feedback on your presentation.  

Further guidance on preparing a presentation and peer reviewing others work

Next steps after completing peer assessment

Once your presentation has been fully reviewed and you have completed the peer reviews assigned to you, you will receive an overall score and relevant feedback on different aspect of your presentation. 

  • If your presentation has achieved a score high enough to pass you will be able to advance onto the next part of the module. 
  • If your presentation has not passed, then you will be asked to complete the peer assessment task again, taking on board the feedback that you have received to make improvements to your presentation. You will only be able to advance to the next stage of the module when your presentation has received a score high enough to pass.

How you will benefit from peer assessment

Being able to clearly present your work and ideas to colleagues and clients is an integral skill for finance professionals. Using peer assessment supports the learning of these key communication skills, enriches the learning experience and is a proven method of receiving reliable feedback. By both receiving feedback on your presentation and reviewing presentations of others, you will gain a deeper understanding on how best to present your work to others in future.