Covid-19 exam information

Our key priority is to ensure health and safety while our students continue their ACCA journey during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re working hard with local governments around the world to ensure that exam centres operate safely.

Where local restrictions mean that it is not possible to take an exam at a centre, we have been working with our exam partners to offer the opportunity to take exams using remote invigilation.

This continues to be a complex and fast-moving situation. You can find the latest information on centre availability below, along with links to important information about centre and remote exams. 

December 2020 latest

Last updated: 13 October 2020

Unfortunately, centre-based exams have been cancelled in the following markets due to Covid-19:

Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil,Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Lichtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, San Marino, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, USA, Vatican City, Venezuela. 

Students in these locations will be offered the opportunity to take their exams remotely. Exam entry for remotely invigilated exams will be available from 26 October. Some variant exams may not be available to be taken remotely, please refer to the exam timetable for further information

In all other locations centre-based exams are scheduled to go ahead. Should this situation change we will notify students by email at the earliest opportunity.