Maths and English language support

Improve your maths and English language skills while studying for your ACCA Qualification.

You need to be competent in maths and English to complete the ACCA Qualification. To help you with your maths and English skills ACCA have created some self-check tests and interactive learning modules in the Student Virtual Learning Centre

Having a good grasp of business English could lead to better exam performance. Here are some other suggestions to help you develop your English language skills and improve your chances of exam success:

British Council LearnEnglish

The British Council offers a range of free learning resources for both general English and business English, including podcasts, magazines, videos and games.

There is also the option to subscribe and get access to high quality online courses.

BBC Learning English

The BBC offers a variety of web-based learning resources as well as a language learning app.

Language learning apps

Explore the App Store or Google Play for language learning apps to suit you. Popular apps include Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Busuu and Duolingo.

Read in English

The benefits of reading something in English every day are huge - why not sign up to a daily business news update? Not only would this give you regular practice at reading English, it would also help you develop skills in areas such as commercial acumen.