This course is for accounting professionals who want to improve their skills in engaging with clients or customers, including how to proactively manage the client acquisition cycle to attract more of the right clients, more quickly. Professionals will learn effective client acquisition techniques and how to apply proven client acquisition practices in a way that is consistent with the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

You will learn how to build client rapport, build your personal credibility and brand as a professional accountant, and create the foundation for deepening your business relationship with the client over time.

For those seeking a more meaningful learning experience, the course includes "Wisdom Points" - challenging statements about your internal level of confidence and emotional intelligence that affect your relationships with clients at every stage of the client acquisition cycle.

Learning outcomes

  • identify and manage the five stages of the client acquisition cycle
  • apply the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants at every stage of the client acquisition cycle
  • establish trust and credibility with clients before, during, and after the initial meeting
  • identify the four elements of your personal brand and how to create them
  • recognise and apply the three variables that shape the acquisition cycle
  • identify three ways to make persuasive recommendations to prospective and current clients.

Key information:

  • course is best experienced on the free ProDio mobile app, but access is available via desktop on ProDio website
  • the recommended web browser is GOOGLE CHROME for best performance
  • learn at your own pace
  • access course content for one year.
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