We’ve focused on supporting members career success through the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19.

Your career

ACCA Careers is the world’s largest specialist accountancy job board where we have:

• Promoted over 47,000 jobs
• Held virtual careers in eight countries
• Offered free CV reviews and career management sessions

Our global voice

We’ve influenced policy by:

• Signing MOUs with Prime Global and the International Chamber of Commerce to support ‘Save our SMEs’
• Securing 70 pieces of media coverage on the CFN and ACCA UK SME Recovery Tracker
• Joining the first ever Green Finance Education Charter

Thinking ahead

By thinking digital first we’ve:

• Supported over 1,600 remotely invigilated exams in 71 countries AND 1,900 on-demand exams in 60 countries
• Connected with over 14,000 participants in our global research
• Launched our strategy to 2025

Global community

We’ve shared ideas, advice and innovative thinking across our community by:

• Holding 20+ coffee and chat virtual networking events
• Hosting Ask ACCA webinars attended by over 1,400 members
• and raised £45,000 for UK NHS charities via the Virtual Summit
• Participating in the 25th European Corporate Governance Conference

Ethical reputation

We’re ensuring our members are recognised as trusted professionals by:

• Confirming our commitment to robust and transparent regulatory standards in our 2020 Report
• Supporting Accountancy Europe and CFE Tax Advisers Europe tax reform proposals
• Partnering with the Observatoir de la Finance on the global prize for Ethics & Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future


Thanks to our global community we’ve created:

• 10 new insight reports
• A Covid-19 webinar series attended by over 12,000 members
• Insights that focus on Covid-19 with over 9,600 member contributions

Continuous learning

We’re supporting the skills to tackle emerging challenges by offering:

• Free digital CPD courses for members
• Up to 30% discount on our partner CPD products
• Over 3,000 online resources

Membership support

We’re helping our members continue to be the finance professionals the world needs by:

• Publishing 30 resources on work and wellbeing – viewed over 4,500 times
• Offering subscription support for those impacted by Covid-19
• Creating a Covid-19 hub to provide a trusted source of information