Shielded by blockchain

The data protection issues raised by governments’ Covid-19 control initiatives have made the benefits of blockchain clearer than ever, as Georgina Kyriakoudes explains

Learn your crisis lessons

The pandemic is a wake-up call of monumental proportions to management, who must radically rethink strategy and imagine the ‘next normal’, says Alison Young

Office working: chance for fresh start

As we ponder the lifting of enforced home working and a return to dormant offices, we have an opportunity to start again and do it better this time, says Robert Bruce

Carry on marketing during the crisis

Accounting firms that continue marketing and advertising through the Covid-19 crisis will reap the rewards when businesses start to spend again, explains Jason Ball

Auditing during a pandemic

Going concern, audit evidence and accounting estimates are just some of the key issues auditors around the world are responding to during the Covid-19 crisis

Health check

Two ACCA members working for the NHS describe how they responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lessons their experiences have taught them for the future

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Lessons for the future

Covid-19’s disruptions to economic and working life were certainly unwelcome but are ushering in changes that may prove beneficial to all, says Tara Clements FCCA

Let there be insight

Accountants supporting businesses to reposition themselves for a post-Covid future are using data analytics to drive decision-making, as Jamie Renehan FCCA explains

Braced for turbulence

The travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have left Ireland’s aviation finance sector struggling to navigate a future path, as flights are grounded around the world

Tax update

Mary Healy and Lorraine Sheegar highlight the VAT and payroll debt warehousing arrangements, plus other Revenue tax updates in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Listen, learn and lead

The ability of the world’s female leaders to govern with humility rather than by ego has helped them to successfully weather the Covid-19 pandemic, says Vanessa Richards

Kenya’s flower power

Government intervention is needed in transportation and the supply chain if Kenya is to revive a cut-flower industry that was flourishing until the pandemic, says Tony Watima

Rebooting the Canadian economy

As businesses in Canada grapple with how to return to ‘normal’ following the Covid-19 pandemic, technology will play a critical part, say practitioners

Adapt and survive: finance shows the way

While companies in some regions are moving forward post Covid-19, others are still struggling. Finance professionals must be ready to show the way, says Sameer Madan from New Delhi, India

Steps for survival: SMEs remain vulnerable

As businesses consider new ways of working in a post-pandemic world, small, medium and micro enterprises are especially vulnerable, says Nooredin Mohit FCCA in Mauritius

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Asia: a new normal?

The long-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to include increased self-sufficiency and less concentration of production in Asia, says Manu Bhaskaran

Asia: SMPs open for business

After the successful roll-out of homeworking across Asia, some SMPs are reimagining their workplaces – for good

Tomorrow’s office today

As we tentatively return to the workplace, what might tomorrow’s office look like? We explore how health and wellbeing will become a priority for business

AB Malaysia

Asia: Time to trust

During periods of crisis and recovery – as well as when it’s business as usual – our faith in and reliance on each other is what brings out the best in us, says Errol Oh

AB China

Graduates in demand

While the Covid-19 pandemic has not dampened the Big Four’s internship drive, they should beware the start-ups snapping at their heels, says Chris Davis

Green finance sews seeds of change

As attention turns to recovery in a post-Covid-19 world, is now the time to focus on creating a more sustainable and resilient global economy through green finance?

Distance learning

As we adapt to new ways of working, how do we build an effective virtual team? Dina Smith considers how we can develop and maintain trust from afar