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This is highlighted in the ACCA professional Insights report Leading inclusion and something that 65% of participants in ACCA’s roundtables participants agreed on. 

As a professional body we have an important role to play in supporting our members to champion inclusion and diversity, and drive it forward in practical ways. With 48% of survey respondents saying that they don't know what to do to promote the agenda, or are uncertain, we have created some suggested actions for smaller businesses, larger businesses and individuals. Find out what steps you can take. 

For more inspiration and to continue the conversation online try following these thought leaders who champion the need for businesses to be diverse and truly open to all.

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  • Prerana Issar

    Prerara's highlights

    • Chief people officer @NHS
    • Champion for women and girls
    • Other connections - @WFP, @Unilever, Hindustan Unilever
    • Views my own
    • Pronouns she/her.

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  • Christopher Jackson

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  • Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

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  • Sheree Atcheson

    Sheree's highlights

    'At Peakon, our strategy is focused on giving every employee a voice - knowing that their voice is heard and their insights actioned. We have focused on three themes:

    1. Engage - We are engaging and listening to all Peakons to understand what works for them and what doesn’t.
    2. Teach - We are bringing all Peakons on a journey of understanding DE&I, privilege, and bias, helping us all speak about inclusion from an authentic place.
    3. Action - Listening without action is fruitless. We have provided a clear set of measurable initiatives in our DE&I strategy to bring to life our vision.

    Accountability and transparency are key to our journey, which is why we publicly share all of our diversity demographics and our inclusion metrics in our strategy, so we are clear on where we are, so we know where we want to go.' - Sheree Atcheson.

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  • Sarah Churchman OBE

    Sarah's highlights

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  • Paul Deemer

    Paul's highlights

    • Head of diversity and inclusion @NHS Employers
    • People management D&I Power List 2020
    • #PurpleLightUp ambassador
    • Exec committee member at RIDI
    • British Diversity Awards Special Recognition.

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  • Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

    Hannah's highlights

    • Leadership development consultant, coach and facilitator
    • Co-founder #WomenEd and #DiverseEd
    • Passionate about DEI & MHWB
    • Inclusive Ally.

    'As the Co-Founder of Diverse Educators, and a former headteacher, I support schools in their commitment to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion throughout education. Creating a sense of belonging for the pupils/ students, the staff, the parents/ carers and the wider community is central to the role of all educators. Diversity needs to be visible and it needs to be valued: everyone should be seen, heard and celebrated. We can all be inclusive allies and stand in solidarity, standing up and speaking out on inequities is a collective responsibility. Different lived experiences enriches society and schools are preparing young people to be global citizens and tomorrow’s leaders.' - Hannah Wilson.

    Diverse Educators website


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  • Marija Butkovic

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  • Shaun Dellenty

    Shaun's highlights

    ‘Our ongoing lived human experience constantly results in new diverse identities and perspectives and it is how we as individuals, educators and businesses react and respond to diversity that really matters. Taking personal responsibility for noticing and working pro-actively with our own potential for prejudice and bias enables us to nurture work-force cohesion and respectful, inclusive service delivery.

    Corporate responses to human diversity should never represent a journey towards a mythical fixed point destination. Honest and critical reflection upon every aspect of  organisations stimulates cultural evolution into agile, emotionally intelligent bodies equipped to enable a sense of psychological belonging and authenticity whilst facilitating equitable inclusion to improve outcomes.

    Aim not for delegated ‘tick-box’ EDI strategies, instead adopt a sustainable and robust shared commitment to change able to withstand staff mobility, modelled with passion and commitment from the top.' - Shaun Dellenty.

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  • Isa Mutlib

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