In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Welsh Government has announced almost £2bn of support for businesses in Wales, in addition to that provided by the UK Government. The main hub for business support can be found here.

The Welsh Government is issuing weekly Covid-19 bulletins, which you may find useful.  You can sign up here or email

There is now a single place on the Public Health Wales website where all the Easy Read versions of Covid-19 guidance are available in both English and Welsh. Find out more here.

Online learning for furloughed workers

The e-learning provision on offer is aimed at supporting individuals to update skills, maintain mental health and help them think about future careers options. 

Improving awareness and access to online provision at this time is a valuable resource for individuals who are worried about their jobs and are therefore looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Scoping and testing has taken place. The free online provision:

  •  is already available
  • is completely online
  • is being hosted by a well-known company that has significant experience in the field of e-learning and significant numbers of learners that have already been through their courses
  • has the capacity to scale up to meet increased numbers.

The training is available on the Working Wales website.