Accounting and Business, ACCA’s monthly members’ magazine, has published a series of articles from international experts as they react and advise on the developing Covid-19 pandemic. So, from advice on remote working, putting employees first or the long-term future of the financial markets, Accounting and Business has it covered.

When this crisis ends, it may change all of our lives – for good
Businesses have shut down and the global economy has faltered, but the actions taken to slow Covid-19 may offer a new template for future working, says Ian Guider

Asia’s governments rise to the challenge of bolstering beleaguered economies
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Manu Bhaskaran considers what Asia’s governments can do to support vulnerable companies in the difficult times ahead

How organisations weather the Covid-19 storm is down to how they treat their people
The findings of ACCA Greater China’s survey on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic highlight the importance of contingency and recovery planning, says Chris Davis

The NBA’s swift decision to put its players above financial interests is a lesson for all organisations
The US National Basketball Association’s swift decision to put players first is just one example of what matters most during the Covid-19 pandemic, says Errol Oh

In the wake of Covid-19, SMPs are rethinking the way they do business
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced small and medium-sized practices to rethink how they work with clients – transforming the way they operate in the future

Covid-19 will have implications for investors now and in the future
What does Covid-19 mean to investors? John Kattar looks at implications for the short, medium and longer-term future of financial markets

Now is not the time to backpedal on investor engagement
Stock markets tanked as investors struggled to understand the impact of Covid-19 on listed companies globally. Alison Thomas looks at how management teams can help

The lessons for global business models of Covid-19
Business’s response to Covid-19 should focus on actions that reward staff and customer loyalty now so that they can quickly get back on their feet, says Jane Fuller

Stay strong with clients when looking at emergency business funding
Practitioners are working hard to ensure clients receive the government support they are due but are also having to steer some away from a more dubious path

The difficulty of making predictions during the Covid-19 pandemic
Making predictions in the Covid-19 crisis is proving more difficult than ever. Profit forecasts should be taken with an even bigger dose of salt than usual, finds Jane Fuller

Psychological wellbeing and leadership in the time of Covid-19
Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Rob Yeung reflects on the techniques effective leaders use to promote wellbeing as well as performance

Robert Bruce looks at the timely publication of Kay and King's book Radical Uncertainty
Could there be a more optimum time to publish a book on making decisions for an unknowable future? Robert Bruce examines the economic truths in just such a tome

The downside of globalisation
With Africa’s fortunes inextricably tied up with global supply chains, how will the continent’s economies look when the Covid-19 pandemic is over, asks Tony Watima

Not the old normal
Leaders will need to be on point to get their businesses through the Covid-19 crisis, but their post-pandemic vision may matter even more, says Vanessa Richards

Stimulus for change
The disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to look afresh at entrenched reporting practices, says Vanessa Richards

After the Covid-19 war has been won, Africa needs to rethink its road to economic development
As our economies reel under the effects of the pandemic, we should look ahead and take the opportunity to rethink our road to development, says Okey Umeano FCCA

Small business battle for survival
With small businesses accounting for the vast majority of South African enterprises, we look at the issues they are facing as a result of the Covid-19 crisis

How to successfully swap office life with remote working
The urgent need to minimise social contact in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen accounting practices move rapidly to swap office life for remote working